PLANT in a Nutshell - PLANT 101

A two-day program on PLANT Academy and PLANT’s Steps Introduction

  • PLANT’s Ethical Corporate Culture
  • PLANT Steps
  • Foundation of Financial Planning

Requirement: Completed PLANT Open House, License Checked, and Welcome Course

Intermediate Program

A two-day program on Four Fundamental of Financial Planning for financial planners

  • Cashflow Management
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Strategy
  • Taxation

Requirement: Completed PLANT in a Nutshell – PLANT 101

Financial Planning Program

An in-depth program on Practical Financial Planning for financial planners

  • Family Income Protection Plan
  • Pre – Post Retirement Plan
  • Long Term Healthcare Plan
  • Education Plan
  • Legacy Plan
  • Business Succession Plan

Requirement: Completed Intermediate Program

Business Consulting Program

A profossional program on Entrepreneurship and Leadership for high performing financial planners

  • PLANT’s Ethical Corporate Culture
  • Roles, Responsibility, and Mindset of Team Leaders
  • Planner Journey Process
  • Strategic Business Plan
  • Recruiting and Retaining
  • Leadership Communication

Requirement: Completed Financial Planning Program